Top 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Build a Website


1. Know your Audience

Knowing your target audience might be the oldest trick in the marketing

rulebook, but still is the most effective or is central to any strategy.

If you know your audience or readers, it would be easier for you to focus on

what content has the most potential impact.

When you know your audience is much easier to captivate them

2. Maximise your website space

Each area of your site should be designed to capture the attention of your

audience. Creating a blog, product or service description, or

recommendations will be a worthwhile information you can include on your


It would not be a good idea to include non-related or bogus information that

would not increase your online traffic.

3. Have a unique sales funnel.

An effective Sales Funnel should include the following:

The primary goal of having a Sales Funnel is to tie down the Features,

Advantages, and Benefits of what your products or services are.

An Effective Sales Funnel should include the following.

Awareness – this would undoubtedly state the Features and Advantages of

a product or service you are offering.

Interest – The BENEFITS of your products or services should be tied to the

interests of your end-users.

Once you create the awareness, you can easily capture the interest that

would lead to potential conversion optimization.

If you know the differences between


you will be able to effectively show your customers how your products and

services will make a positive impact on their lives, thus giving yourself a

better opportunity in increasing your website’s conversion rate.


4. Have a Clear Value Proposition

The value proposition is the company’s marketing statement. Business

intentions should be openly indicated on your website for you to accurately

and efficiently convince a potential customer or business partner.

Remember that this is your promise to your customer, so it will be a good

idea to have a Value Proposition that is clear, easy to understand and true.

5. Keep your site Interesting

Make your user’s life easy, fewer complications the better! Many websites

now are loaded with too much information.

Your users should understand how to search and check-out easily. Never

give your users too many options. As a rule, if you have several products to

offer put more filters that the end user can use.

The information on your website should evidently communicate what your

potential customer’s NEEDs are to the BENEFIT of your product or service.

To sell the NEED, you must sell the benefit.


6. Make a Competitor Comparison

A healthy competition check will go a long way. Many websites offer almost

the same services, products or business proposals. Having similarities with

other businesses does not mean that you will go out of business, this is what

you call a healthy competition.

Your ability to think outside the box is what sets you apart from the rest!

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