DIY Your Own Social Media Marketing Team.

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Recent pandemics has made many business owners or brand owners set up their own social media marketing team.

Among the top reason is that the owners have full control of their own social media marketing team. Besides that, it allows the business to set the direction of their’s social media marketing strategy on what to achieve for their marketing aims which leads to sales.

So if you decided to DIY your own social media marketing team, you may have questions of what are the steps requires and how you could deploy it next week.

Here are the steps that we normally advised our clients.


Start With A Plan.

First, your social media marketing plan needs to be aligned with your overall marketing plan. Before that lets consider few scenarios here depending on the size of your business as there is no one size fit all solution here as every business model are different which means the sales process could be different.

  1. Type A- Small business with less than 5.
  2. Type B-Mid-size business with between 10-15 people.
  3. Type C- Big size business with more than 20 people.

Now, let’s begins. First, before setting up your social media marketing team, you need to define your social media marketing goals. Of course, your marketing plan end goal is to drive people more to get those sales.


The plan needs to be specific so that your potential business prospects be could lead into taking certain micro-commitments which leading towards the sales.

For example, if you type A, a small business typically need to get more sales to sustain your business thus you have to get as many eyeballs and ears to get to know your business exists and you must have something good to offer.

If you are new in the market, your business needs to create tonnes of awareness while engaging with potential the market.

If your business already establish like the type C, you may have sufficient resources to hire the best talent for your social media marketing team.

With a social media marketing plan, your business could reduce the bad investment from hiring the wrong people as you may think you need a designer or someone that could with videos. Where else you probably need someone could strategize and lay out the plan first before going to the hiring process.

Appointing your own team is a mid to long term commitment and sometimes you are unsure about the experience, the skills that candidates have. Even worst, you do not want to deal with someone that has an attitude problem to solve your marketing problem.



Specific. Set your goal specifically, but before that do some housekeeping on your social media channel. Does it represent your business brand, how’s the engagement like? Don’t how to do it. Get the checklist here.

Now define your specific goals.

    • How many leads in a month do you require to make that dream fat sales. Be specific.
    • How many people do you dream to attract and turn into leads?
    • If you doing e-commerce is the same thing. How many sites visitors do you require to turn them a hot lead?
    • If you are unsure how to do this, begins from the end of your mind. Set your target, reverse engineer it or work it backward on how to achieve that goal.


Measurable-Now you know what you want to shoot at, next is time to identify what metrics you want to use to measure your activity to achieve those particular goals.

Attainable– Smaller goals will lead to a bigger goal. Your future social media marketing team activity needs to achieve this smaller goal in order to get to a bigger goal.

  • For example. Attract more eyeballs with interesting, engaging content/advertisements. Have an offer and ask the audience to take micro action like get these coupons if you are a first-timer.

Realistic– Be realistic and manage your expectation. If your business has small uniqueness in a saturated market, go slow on your high expectation. Ideally, before you come up with the plan do a marketing competitive analysis or a SWOT analysis. From the research, you may find out some advantages that you could leverage for your marketing purpose.

For example, if you have a very small ads spend budget it may seem unrealistic to get 1 million views due to the high cost on the Facebook ads platform.

Achievable.- A realistic goal could allow you to have a sense of what’s work and what’s not so that you could improve on what can be measured.

Time-bound– Set a timeline on when you want to achieve that specific social media marketing goal.

To sum up, why you need to have this as part of your digital marketing blueprint is because you want to see results from your social media marketing team efforts. And later you may want to know the progress and the outcome when you deploy your social media team.

Social Media Team Deployment.

Now let’s start hiring. But wait.

If you already have your marketing goal, then you need a clear direction for your strategy. The digital marketing world is huge, and you need to have clarity on which path you want to take to ensure your strategy meet your goal requirements.

To simplify things, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Own media. (Things that you could craft and control with minimal investment in terms of money)
    • Content creation /content marketing. ( Own webpage and own social channel)
    • Search engine optimization. (Ranking up your content available on the search engine first page).
  2. Paid media. (You pay to improve your visibility while increasing the likelihood to attract the best business prospect from social media or the search engine).

Yes, either way, you need to make some investment, whether in terms of time or dollars and cents.

So let’s presume your budget is limited. You type A or type B business, and you want to improve your digital presence and attract more enquiries or purchases on your website with your own media strategy.

Here is what you need.

    1. A social media marketing manager has to be super creative to craft the content blueprint, which involves research, content ideation, planning and implementation.
    2. Visual graphic designer. Someone who can visualize and translate the marketing message into an attractive visual.
    3. Videographer cum video editor. People attention span is quite low these days. A static poster won’t do much compared to audiovisual in motion content which allows your content to grab more attention.


There you go, your in house social media marketing team for your content marketing approach on social media.

However, if you want to improve and optimise the content of your website, then you may need to appoint someone dedicated to doing content writing for your website blog. But if your social media marketing manager is good at this, then you’re hitting a bonus.

Having your own social media marketing is good for the content marketing approach. However, it requires patience and is a mid to long term game. Most of the time, you will not get instant results as it will take a much longer time if you are not willing to invest a dime on their social platform.

Why is that? If you are still not aware, established social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are no longer give organic high reach (eyeballs) for business brands that do content on a business page like the Facebook fan page. They want other businesses to pay to play in their field.

Hence, having a paid traffic manager or a media buyer to run your advertisement campaign could shorten your sales process time while attracting the best target prospect.

Whether it is Facebook marketing or google advertising, both are meant to attract more eyeballs to get to know our business brand and engage with your prospect.

So an investment in paid traffic manager or consultant could improve your campaign visibility and drive more potential business sales conversion.

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